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You know summer’s on the way when the beachy jacket art starts showing up. Here are two by Nantucket writers set on the island, where you. Nantucket artist ponders a tryst. An accomplished glassblower, Claire Danner Crispin set aside her work to raise her children. Indeed, for most. Complete summary of Elin Hilderbrand’s A Summer Affair. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of A Summer Affair.

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LOL I’ve been wanting to read Elin Hilderbrand for years, since the gals in my book group are so enamored with her books.

A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand

Thank you for visiting my blog! Their behavior was despicable.

Not that I approve of having an affair, and I think Claire and Lock affaig being unfair to their spouses, but this wasn’t really the point of the story. And, when the wealthy Lock Dixon insists that the only thing that will possibly do for the auction to benefit the hildetbrand poor children is a work of art by Claire, she agrees.

He’s paunchy and balding and she is unkempt and always wearing yoga pants. I liked the writing style, I will try more from this author.

A Summer Affair

The Matthew “Max” West part of the story was a sweet tribute to her childhood and first love and I did enjoy that aspect of the story also. Jan 18, Kathleen rated it liked it.

I really liked this book. You’ll find you affaiir want to shake her characters and tell them to stop, you idiot, before you lose everything. It’s hard for me to give it more stars even though it wummer compelling to read.


Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. You got yourself into q situation – get out of it and stop whinging” What was pleasant to read was about the last quarter of the book, when it finally picked up in speed, things happened, “problems” where solved and it was obvious that lifes would fall into place. There are moments that I just love her like that bit when Siobhan notes that Claire is enjoying pulling the claws off the lobsters in the quote from A Summer Affair and her characterization has an amazing depth.

Not that I wanted her to In reading over some of the other reviews, I am noticing readers tend to experience the guilt they believe the hero, Claire Danner Crispin, should be feeling for having become involved in the Summer Affair.

I enjoyed this read. Mar 21, IronyOnHighHeels rated it did not like it. Sheila is asked to chair the benefit, in part, because she is the former high school sweetheart of rock star Max West. I am not a Madame Bovary in love with someone else! Claire subsequently threw herself into mothering her other three children and worrying about her son, whom she thinks is developmentally delayed.

She’s a wife, a mother, an artist and frankly she’s bored. Claire Danner Crispin, mother of four young children and nationally renowned glassblower, bites off more than she can chew when she agrees to co-chair a huge benefit concert on Nantucket. Her lover, Lock, encourages Claire to create a beautiful museum quality piece of stained glass.

These descriptions are vivid and serve as a metaphor for the challenges of the main character. It seems like everyone is cheating on everyone without being caught or any major affai due to it.


A SUMMER AFFAIR by Elin Hilderbrand | Kirkus Reviews

Nantucket glass artist Claire Danner Crispin has pieces in private collections and one in the Whitney, but is overwhelmed with the needs of her husband and four kids she gave up full-time glassblowing to take care of epin family. Her husband was shown as flawed, but I saw him as the better person because despite his flaws he was a famil It’s hard for affzir to give it more stars even though it was compelling to read.

But, when he invites her to sip his favorite wine and talk, what Claire discovers is that Lock actually admires her work. The relationship of the wealthy summer residents to the local residents and maintaining the integrity of Nantucket’s beauty and history are aspects of the books that are always of interest to me. As the plot moves along, I found it to be less about the affair in particular and more about Claire finding herself. Jul 27, Kelly Keefe rated it it affaor amazing.

I just wanted a little closure on the characters. You are a good person, a person who remembers the mailman’s birthday, a person who picks other adfair rubbish up off the beach. What about him and Isabelle?