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486 5X86 SBC PDF

Cheap /5×86 sbc, Buy Quality industrial motherboard isa directly from China sbc board Suppliers: % OK Original IPC ISA Board /5×86 SBC G1. In addition to 2 retro systems I wanted to add a dos machine. As desk Thew card is a /5×86 SBC Ver:G9 with a ALI M chipset. free shipping, $/piece:buy wholesale /5×86 sbc ver:g9 industrial motherboard cpu card /5×86 sbc g9 dhl ems on shenzhennana’s Store from.

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Return to General Old Hardware. Users browsing this forum: As desk space is at a premium I have waaaay to much stuffI went out and looked out for a Single computer board, as I have an Amiga that has passive ISA slots I can use it on. SBCs are generally ludicrous expensive, but did managed to get one that was untested, and reasnoable cheap. It was also a little too fast for my use. Anyway, back on track, I tried to turn it on in a bit convoluted way.

G9 with a ALI M chipset. That means I don’t know if the jumpers are set correct. Second is that the card has a AT style power connector. In the manual I mentioned before I did find a pin overvirew over the AT connector, and from the looks of it, it’s the P8 that should be connected, and that is what I tried.

CPU does get a little warm when turning it on, but well whitin what one wouyld expect. I originally wanted to connect a ordinary molex connector by making an adapter out of the AT to AT adapter I bought, but need help figuering out how to make one, as there are more pins to the AT connector than a molex connector. Just do not wish to make a fire ou of all of this So that is my second question.


In addition to 2 retro systems I wanted to add a dos machine. Tried searching for manual, but only ones where AT connector is placed diffrently, and most of the jumpers as well. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Should have gotten pictures of the entire card. Cut off a little bit of the PCB where the ram slots are, and after plugging it in my Amiga I got a beep, and monitor turns on, but no 5×8 is shown.

I needed to put the single ram stick I have been using, into the second closes to the CPU ram slot for it wbc get this far. I found a manual to ftp: Battery is naturally also dead, so need to get hold of a new one.

No lights or anything. I have tested these on a different PC, and they work zbc. Also tested different keyboard but no result. Played around with different jumper settings, and even if I have reset it to how it came to me, it now identeifes as a 66MHz It also boots up without the AT P8 58×6 attached, so maybe that was needed for the inbuilt graphics, that don’t work anyway. Any other way of getting around this? Annoying to have all I want, only to be utter useless, as keyboard won’t work.

For /5X86 SBC Ver: G1 Motherboard Tested Working From Kimhar, $ |

Quite possibly it’s jumpered to output to that, which would explain why you’re not getting anything out of the VGA connector. With the keyboard I’d recommend keeping it simple: Combo ports always accept a single keyboard too the mouse 5c86 go over otherwise NC pins. No clear suggestions about how to get that single keyboard working. Perhaps someone tried hot-plugging it, blowing an SMD fuse. As manual is not to be found anywhere it probably will stay that way.


Nothing that is obviously broken, and I could try replacing them had I known the value. Some has value written on them, but others have no markings at all.

Industrial Motherboard /5X86 SBC Ver:G9 | eBay

That makes it difficult to sbx them. I did continuety measuring that looked to me like a resistor excpet being green and lacking stripes. Turns out it is a LF3A fuse, and when still conected I couyd measure continuety from one side of the fuse, and not the other.

When I soldered it out, it was the same when using my multimeter. My question now is that since I don’t have the correct fuse in that format, could I use a 3A fuse for cars, and solder it in and see if it works?

I think I have one of those around here somewhere. I am the first 5z86 admit that I don’t know very much about these things, that is why I ask before I try.

486 5×86 sbc ver g9

So it was that fuse that had blown. Ordered some new ones from China, so it will take a while before I get them. Tried connecting oposite of what label says, and keyboard is working again.

Not tested the mouse, as I havn’t connected a harddrive to it. So if I can find out how to turn on the graphics chip it would be a fully working board again. It even identifies as a MHz again. Board index All times are UTC. This site hosts no abandonware. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.